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Last update: November 10, 2022

I unpacked rotrBLOCKS, but no resource packs appeared in the game
The order of loading resource packs
Some textures still look pixelated, they are not changed
I installed the resource pack in the game, but nothing has changed
Foliage is rendered as a black and pink texture
Instead of text on the tablets, there are some squares
Why the version for 1.12.2 has poor support
Resource reload failed

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About the developer

Who am I

Evgeny illystray, 21 years old

I have been creating textures in Substance Designer since early 2021. Then I started creating a resource pack. 90% of all textures are my own work in Substance Designer, where I create materials from scratch from noise and masks. But there are some textures that I collect from various photographs from the Internet, such as wheat, grass, foliage.

I like what I do and I am very glad that there are people who are ready to support my work! Thanks to you, I am ready to spend more time on rotrBLOCKS and update more often!