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End Crystal and Update Bedrock October 1, 2023 | rotrBLOCKS
Golden Apple, Warped Fungus on a Stick, Stick, Fishing Rod Cast, Fishing Rod, Spyglass and Cake Item | rotrBLOCKS
Destroy | rotrBLOCKS
Beehive September 25, 2023 | Pixlli
Cauldron and Loom September 24, 2023 | Pixlli
Goat Horn, Dragon Breath, Experience Bottle, Glass Bottle and Honey Bottle September 16, 2023 | rotrBLOCKS
All Potions | rotrBLOCKS
Glow Lichen, Tripwire Hook, Dragon Egg, End Rod and Dripleaf | rotrBLOCKS

Minecraft Resource pack

V22 Last update: October 2, 2023 49.2% Done 1.20-1.12 | 128x-512x

A new pbr/pom resource pack that will give you more detail, preserving the vanilla of your game and creating a feeling of your favorite pixelation.

Minecraft Resource pack

V50 Last update: October 2, 2023 78.51% Done 1.20-1.13 | 128x-512x

rotrBLOCKS is a PBR/POM resource pack that won't take away your vanilla style, but will make it so much better!

Minecraft Resource pack

V01 Updated: December 30, 2022 63.4% Done 1.19-1.13

Modern high-resolution interface with a font that preserves the vanilla Minecraft style.
Recommended for use with Pixlli or rotrBLOCKS


A collection of addons for my resource packs

Special thanks

To all members of my Patreon for 2020-2022. Boosty 2022-2023 coming soon..