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Chiseled Bookshelf May 30, 2023 | Pixlli
Bookshelf May 28, 2023 | Pixlli
Update Loom and Redstone Lamp May 26, 2023 | rotrBLOCKS
Lectern May 23, 2023 | rotrBLOCKS

Minecraft Resource pack

V14 Updated: June 2, 2023 46.27% Done 1.20-1.12 | 128x-512x

A new pbr/pom resource pack that will give you more detail, preserving the vanilla of your game and creating a feeling of your favorite pixelation.

Minecraft Resource pack

V42 Updated: June 2, 2023 74.74% Done 1.20-1.13 | 128x-512x

rotrBLOCKS is a PBR/POM resource pack that won't take away your vanilla style, but will make it so much better!

Minecraft Resource pack

V01 Updated: December 30, 2022 63.4% Done 1.19-1.13

Modern high-resolution interface with a font that preserves the vanilla Minecraft style.
Recommended for use with Pixlli or rotrBLOCKS

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Roblox Experience

Find food and water to survive. Build yourself a furniture base, defend yourself from enemies and fight. Here you will find real survival, among very smart enemies. They know how to destroy furniture and are extremely agile!

Game for Windows

Welcome to Gravulse, an innovative space curvature laboratory that is trying to "flip" the laws of physics, literally.

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